SPECIAL BONUS: Upon Enrollment, We'll Donate UPTO $500 to a Pro-Life Organization

Radiantly Build, Launch + Scale Your High-Ticket Signature Coaching Program: Go From $0-$100k in the Next 12-Months While Staying In Holy-Spirit Led Alignment With Your God-Given Calling

faith-filled coaches + course creators 

AND ALL Without Doing Business Like The World Does, Settling For A New Age Manifestation Coach Or Falling For The Trap Of The Online "Boss Babe" Marketing & Hustle Culture


Booked 50+ Clients Since Covid Started & Launched Brand New Segment of Business!

"Where do I even begin!? I absolutely loved going through Ashley’s program and learning so much about how to make my business more profitable! She is hands-down the best coach and super committed to her students. She is also highly knowledgeable of the industry, marketing, sales and so much more...Because of the demand, I was able to raise my prices and needless to say I have had my best year yet!!! I highly recommend Ashley and her program! It works!"


And the Devil is shaking in his boots because he knows you have a radical calling on your life.

Clarity is part of God's plan for you

He’s been trying to silence and discourage you for years, just hoping he could keep you down for long enough so you never had the confidence to break out of bondage and pursue those God-given dreams.

Maybe you’ve felt disheartened that finances just haven’t been there to start building your dream business and you see no way out of the current cycle. 

Or life always seems to get in the way from having young babies at home to the latest medical scare to not being able to leave your day job which has been stealing your joy and energy.
Maybe you’ve been hit with paralytic anxiety and fear that has made a comfortable home in your heart to the point of never actually taking confident steps forward on your dreams.
Or maybe, you just don’t know where to start, or you already tried to start, failed or didn’t find your breakthrough. If that's you...

A Purposeful 6+ Figure Coaching Business 

Sister, you are in the right place. 

Knowing that it's possible doesn't shake the fears you have though...or maybe the fact that you've gotten so used to doing everything alone.

Stressed about making money consistently, and need an automatic and reliable sales machine that can make money on-demand. 
Overwhelmed by the thought of FUNNELS, LAUNCHES, FACEBOOK ADS & other techy, online business things that you hear about.
A desire to build a business that honors what God is calling you to do, but are scared that you won't be profitable or thrive unless you do "what the world does."
Like You Don't have the time or energy to DIY everything and start from scratch. You need to start making money now and building for your family.
Scared of taking a leap and starting your online business with thoughts of fear, failure and imposter syndrome looming over you.
A desire to have the time and money freedom to build a family legacy and have control over your own wealth instead of letting corporations "dictate" your finances and worth.

Maybe You Also Feel...

And it's starting to give you anxiety because you feel the pressure of having these big dreams, but you don't know HOW or WHEN they will happen. 

Maybe you're brand new to the coaching and course-creator world and you aren't sure where to focus your time and energy when it comes to starting. 

Or maybe you've already launched an online business, but you can't seem to get the traction, you're barely keeping your head above water, and you CRAVE those $10K+ months that you "hear" about but can't seem to crack the code yet.

Lastly, maybe you crave a

Do you want believers to be accountability partners with? Desire to end isolation and have real friendships?  Wish that you were surrounded by a like-minded community who get your struggle?

Faith-Based, Jesus Lovin',
Holy-Spirit Activated Community of
Women Entrepreneurs?

You know that God put this desire to launch + build an online business deep into your heart.

Listen, dear friend

Knowing the vision, but the Lord directed your steps.

So, let's take a minute and                       

You know what to blog, email, or post without copying others or randomly posting, you have an aligned content + goal-setting strategy.

CHA-CHING - you're sitting there reading your morning devotional and another course sale comes in or client enrolls.

You don’t live in fear of where the next client is going to come from, because you have the student's and client’s you’ve been praying for.

Funnels, Facebook ads and techy stuff is not so scary, because you’ve fought through the learning resistance with proven systems and guidance..

Instead of feeling misunderstood in the secular "bro-marketing" or "boss babe" industry, you have made REAL friendships with believers.

You don't have to settle for what was - you know your business is in alignment with that new life you crave to create.

You don't have to make whatever money happens to come in, you have a clear path for profitability and all you need to do is show up.

You don't have to spend next year waiting for breakthrough + floundering in confusion, you can run with power + purpose through Christ's plan.


It's time to break the chains and unlock that calling that God has been whispering into your heart and soul for such a time as this.

for a bit...

And You Feel Peace & Have Freedom Because...

You have the time and money to do 
the things you love + feel called to...

Like take a family trip to the beach, pay off your house, homeschool... And of course give to your church & the causes you want to support.

 Your online business has the ability to give your family that freedom. 



Your marketing will be EASY, FOCUSED, and POWERFUL, and you will have such efficient systems (or have the money to outsource the things you hate) that you will literally have a business that runs itself so you can do the things you love in your online business, like serving your clients, building irresistible client experiences and strategically planning out your income.

​Finally Have The Time To Connect With Your Clients 


How would it feel to be confident, excited, and joyful about selling to your ideal clients because you HAVE WHAT THEY NEED? How would it feel to be encouraged and validated because your are in complete alignment with what God has called you to?

Big paychecks and EVEN BIGGER - Love Tank Deposits.


How would it feel to be able to choose when you work, not stress about having to schedule out weeks of social media posts, set boundaries that allow you to still be profitable, and make more money than what you did at your corporate job?

No More 9-5. Build a Schedule That Works For Your Family!


Your branding is so incredibly captivating that your dream clients are running through the door and raving about you to all their friends. Your brand is a perfect marriage of your authentic story, and each and every piece of it authentically connects the desires of your life and business.

​Complete Alignment of Your Personal and Professional Story.

SOLD 35 Products!
Booked 8 Design Consultations!

Ashley has helped me with a clear direction to keep moving forward with my business even during challenging times. She listened to my needs and desires and helped me develop a process to bring them to fruition. I did a live event for my existing artwork and a couple of consults to get my feet wet... My LIVE event produced a few sales but snowballed as I continued sharing what I was doing. Ashley has helped me out of my comfort zone...I am currently working with multiple people still in the process of buying. Ashley thank you for breaking things down into steps that a busy mama and multi business owner could digest and execute! Thank you for helping me be brave.


If We Haven't Met, I'm 


In 2013, I dove into the world of entrepreneurship after being fired for refusing to compromise my beliefs and act unethical. I ended up building and scaling a local photography business for the next 6 years, and jumped into the online education & coaching world in 2018 when I felt like God told me to close my business and build something new.

That next year I turned away over 250 inquiries and $20k months so I could build my online programs and teach other women how to build businesses like I did. 

Now, I'm a $1 Million+ online business owner who enrolled $215K+ 2-weeks, a mama to 3 feisty kiddos, and I help coaches and course creators use testimony marketing to create epic launches and scale their businesses while in courageous alignment with God's calling. I’m {OB-SESSED} with helping others work less, make more and create a life of purpose + freedom so they can do whatever the heck they feel called to do - like…


Ashley June

it wasn't always like this...

 My story goes like...

And ultimately use their business as a ministry to change the culture, spread the gospel and encourage other believers.

I remember what it felt like to take a leap of faith, and I still have those feelings of fear to this day.

I used to be in your shoes - wanting to build and launch an online business, but wasn't exactly sure where I fit inside of the massive world of online marketing.

Feeling like I had to enroll any student, and totally disconnected from what God was tugging on my heart to build because I saw how the "world" was doing it and having success.

Seeing a fruitful vision of the future and feeling like I was being told to step out and take a leap of faith. But also being nervous about the investment, and questioning if I was doing the right thing during every pivot or life transition.

My business EXPLODED. Not only was I in complete and total alignment with where God was calling me, but clients who had a heart for the things I had a heart for started flocking to my business. I blew past the 6-Figure mark within less than 6-months of "putting my business on the altar" and started branching out even more.

FALL 2020

But God had different plans...I started dreaming of something bigger, and out of obedience closed my business right after having our 3rd baby. I took an online course about building online courses and enrolled $20K in coaching clients that November. I took the pressure off of myself in that season, and took my time building my program.

FALL 2018

The world was in chaos and God was pressing on my heart to be speaking out about my beliefs and put my business on the altar. At the risk of losing clients and having my name smeared, I chose to be bold and started speaking the truth. I lost a few clients and got some online hate... but that was when it all changed... and my journey started to make sense regarding what God had been doing in my life.


I was so mad about being fired that it gave me the FIRE to start a photography business. I built and scaled that local service-based business for six years while having 3 babies at home and becoming one of the top photographers in my area. Enjoyed many $20k months and had a business that was on auto-pilot!


My online business was growing and things were starting to come together, but I was feeling conflicted. I had launched over a dozen times by this point and was starting to feel stuck - I just didn't seem to be connecting with the clients that I really felt called to serve and it felt like SO MUCH EFFORT that wasn't yielding the results I knew I could have.


Finished my MBA program, got married, moved to Nashville with my new hubby and then moved back to the Colorado mountains in 2010 to work as a Banking Officer. 11 Months later, I got fired from my job in the corporate banking world (after being promoted) for standing up to unethical behavior and refusing to compromise my values and hurt other people around me.


My mission became clear, I started a podcast, became a 7-figure earner and I'm continuing to help teach and serve my clients so they can step into the great callings God has given them with their businesses as the ministries they were meant to be. And...I've mastered trade secrets + funnel building while building a consistent and reliable sales machine. 


I turned away $20K months and 250+ inquiries that next year as I built my online course and helped my first set of students see success in their business. I officially went online in May 2019 and launched constantly! I tested out several programs and continued to try and crack the code while prioritizing spending most of my time at home with my babies.


I want to teach you how I...

I have a step-by-step strategic marketing system that has the opportunity to get BIG results like this.

I take the mystery out of profitable ONLINE BUSINESSES and will show you exactly HOW I got there through leveraging group programs to scale

My program has specific strategies that are biblically based and can be replicated over and over again as you pivot throughout the years.

I'll teach you my custom tailored brand vibe formula so you can tell the story your client's craving and find your tribe.

You'll learn how I intentionally created schedules, boundaries and a work/life balance I loved so I could be home with my husband and kids.

I'll teach you how I got insane lead generation through paid advertising, specific launch strategies and more without re-inventing the wheel.

$2200+ Clients, Enrolled 9 Clients! Transformed into a storytelling maven...

Ashley's class helped me identify my target client and then tell their story to speak to them. My copy has improved so much. Whether it's just for social media posts or for my website, I'm much more comfortable speaking TO my ideal client. This is an incredibly important part of marketing that I was lacking.


Gained Clarity, Pushed Through Resistance and Signed $997-$2000 Clients!

Working with Ashley has been transformational! This is the first time in 9 years, I feel prepared to make a powerful impact for the Kingdom of God through ministry and christian life coaching. Ashley is well informed, experienced, leads by example, and takes the time to serve graciously. She has been very helpful! In fact, she's helped me overcome fear, fixed mindset, and mental blocks through a Holy Spirit led approach.

The framework, systems, and strategies shared in The Selah Collective has transformed the way my ministry and business function. I have learned so many things that would have taken years to learn on my own, it's amazing. While working on launching my signature program I have added a few things to an existing product. Already I see an increase of engagement, a better customer service, and a streamlined process to bring new leads through. Working with Ashley has been a true blessing.


Which is why I created...

se·lah /ˈsēlə/: To Pause and Pray

The Ultimate 12-Month Group Coaching Experience For Faith-Filled Coaches & Course Creators Who Want to Build, Launch + Scale An Online Business In Alignment With God's Calling On Their Life While Bringing In $10k+ Months For Their Family and Doing What They Love Instead of Feeling Like They Have To Build Their Business Like Everyone Else and Settle For The Online Marketing Rat Race

(P.S. Includes Lifelong besties to Laugh, Cry, Pray, Struggle & Hope With)

Dream. Plan. Build. Launch. Scale

12-Month Group Coaching Program

{With Lifetime Re-Audit Access}

Designed to help you launch your signature coaching program or course within the first 3-4 months without leaving you hanging. I designed The Selah Collective because I know building a sustainable business isn't an overnight thing, and I hate when coaches kick you out of programs so they can upsell you later, which is the very reason that this program is 12-months and includes lifetime re-audit access, so you can have support when you start scaling.

Once a month, join all my coaching communities for a chance to study the bible, pray for our peers, and work through pain or praise moments in our personal lives and businesses. We also address the culture and state of the world.

 1x Monthly Bible Studies 

Once a month, we'll meet for CEO days where we will plan out our goals, content and strategy for the next month. It's honestly just a good opportunity to make sure the backend of your business is getting the needed attention so you can stay on track.

 1x Monthly CEO Planning Days 

Join my entire community of students for these these Q+A Calls every month. Come with a specific question or problem you want solved, and we'll spend dedicated time working through anything you need regarding your biz. This is like "office hours."

 2x Monthly Q+A Calls 

Once a month, we'll meet as a group to go over specific trainings, implement and write out strategies, and create customized plans for your online business as a group. We will follow the course format and use group examples while in community.

 1x Monthly STRATEGY Application Calls 

If you would like, I will match you with a small group of peers who want extra involvement in the course. You are free to choose how your tribe operates regarding extra meetings and so forth. This could be for prayer, getting tasks done, etc. - whatever you feel like is best for your group. I've found this creates a great mastermind structure and you will learn so much from having the support of a close group of peers.

 & Optional Tribes 

What's Included

Ready to build a following on Instagram and want to convert clients into buyers using automation? We teach you how to setup quick funnels in Instagram and build + convert a following fast!


4-Month Launch Assist

We'll be sending you a series of communications that will help support you in pacing your program launch within the next 3-4 months so you actually take action and don't burnout.


Get access to an easy to execute launch process with templates to customize meant to be used inside of a Facebook Group.

Story & Sales Website Captivator

Learn how to build a high-converting sales page or website in a way that will convert financially and turn prospects into quick buyers.

When you register

You'll Get Immediate Lifetime Access to the
5-Phase Signature Course, Community, Templates, Pre-Built Launch & More


FB Ads,
4-Day Launch, Email Sequences, Etc.

60+ In-Depth
Training Videos
& Tutorials


FB Group

Exclusive Members Only Facebook Community


Brand Board, Spreadsheets,
Funnel Assets, Etc.

You will receive access to 60+ video trainings, guided workbooks, our exclusive members-only Facebook Group and several step-by-step tutorials (plus some fun bonuses!). Our course content was designed to be a "BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX," using an intentional and consecutive structure. It builds on itself and was created for online business owners who are looking for intensive training and business re-structuring. 

I felt like God put this vision of blooming in my heart. Taking this precious seed, cultivating the dream & blooming in our businesses.

The 5-Phase 



Templates & Funnel Assets

You will have everything you need to start or revitalize your online business from templates, to spreadsheets, to workbooks, to business checklists, to funnel assets and more! Never worry about your processes ever again. This course was designed to be a business-in-a-box so you can make changes overnight.




Roots & Foundation

A deep dive into the foundational "roots" of who you are, who you want to be and how God wants you to incorporate this in your business to be authentic in everything you do. This is one of the most important yet "skipped" phases - without firmly planted roots, your business will fail to thrive. 

phase 1




Stem & Biz Basics

The stem that's required to support your bud - basically the business essentials. Thorough training on each and every aspect of the business basics that impact the backend of your business. All small business owners need to understand how these elements are essential to profitability.

phase 2




Bud & Branding

The budding potential that impacts e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g you do. Designing an authentic brand vibe through anything from your colors to your copywriting. Learn how to IMPACT your dream client and design your online business so it romances the people in your tribe. Build an irresistible brand!

phase 3




Vitals & Marketing

The water and sun that keeps your business blooming. Workflows that give you freedom and sustainable marketing that keeps your business alive and growing. Learn how these vitals are always impacting the health of your business, and what you can do to see it flourish.

phase 4





Bloom & Sales

It's time to harvest the rewards of your planting - you are READY TO BLOOM! This section will walk you through EXACTLY how to conduct every stage of the sales process, from live launching to evergreen to sales strategies and more!

phase 5





Instagram Follower Boost with 6k New Followers, Enrolled 6 New Students and Made $4k In Her BETA Launch

Joining Ashley June's Selah Collective was a game-changer for me. I came to Ashley with a testimony and idea and she helped me fully map out my signature framework and structure for my coaching program. Her insight on storytelling also led to a significant Instagram following boost as I shared my story—6k new followers, to be exact. Some of those followers became clients when I launched my beta program. I enrolled six students and generated $4k in revenue. This marks the highest profit in my business so far. I'm excited to see the outcome of my first official launch with Ashley's help.


Connection + Customized Support 


Option 1: Launch + Scale Mentoring 

If you're looking for more than just an online course and group coaching program to work through, then mentorship might be the perfect fit! In this program you will receive all of the course materials and have personal access to Ashley and her team so we can create the customized marketing plan of your dreams!



If you're looking for an community driven experience and really want to stick to the 5-phases of building your online business within the group coaching atmosphere, then this option will give you everything you need to build a profitable and sustainable online business.

Group Coaching Experience


If you're looking for the content and want to work at your own pace without extra assistance, then the self-study course is the perfect fit!



If you enroll in the Mentoring, you get access to...

The Selah & 7-Figure Scale program is for getting to the next level of automation and income in your online coaching business and developing multiple streams of income so you can enhance your offerings, product suite and create layered value options for your clients. You'll have lifetime access to an additional 90+ training videos in Selah & Scale.

 Building and launching an online business is very different than creating multiple streams of income and scaling it above and beyond your wildest dreams. So if you're ready to blow past $10K months and enter into the multiple 6-figure zone, this is the perfect follow-up program.

What you need to scale

The Selah and 7-Figure Scale Program

Signed $7500+ Client! New Biz Owner Following Dreams & First Client $600+, 2nd Client $2000+

I’m so thankful I decided to take the plunge and become one of Ashley June’s signature students and invest in my business! My husband and I knew taking this step would require some major sacrifices but we were convinced it would be completely and utterly worth it. One of the first things Ashley told me was, ‘this girl is going to make it’. She believed in me from the very beginning and had the confidence I desperately needed...So much is unspoken here because Ashley went WAY above and beyond to help me achieve this goal. With her ‘what you see is what you get’. This woman is just as genuine on the inside as she is on the outside. Her heart is for you and the success of your business. Please don’t put off your dreams, if I knew how much peace I’d have now I honestly think I would have joined sooner! I have so much more clarity and vision for my business than I’ve ever had before. My word for 2020 is ‘bloom’ and I couldn’t be more excited!


MENTORING Scale Course Highlights Include:

VALUE: $27,777

‣ 100+Video Training Library About Scaling
‣ My EXACT $215K Launch Templates
‣ My 6-FIGURE Evergreen Funnel Templates
‣ Building Multiple Streams of Income
‣ Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO FUNNELS)
‣ Monthly Membership Sites
‣ Expert Funnel Strategies
‣ Legacy Business Planning
‣ Product Suites
‣ Perfecting Your Nurture Process
‣ Sustainable Content Strategy
‣ Team Building and Systems
‣ And More!

FIRST CLIENT was OVER $2000 and brought in 10x what she previously made!


I’ll be honest; I was a skeptic. I feel awkward about “selling,” and I’m an introvert and a BUSY mom who had been trying to fit my business into the corners and cracks of my life. BUT, I wasn’t getting the number or type of clients OR the income that I wanted, so I was willing to give it all a go...I decided that I was going to buckle down and treat my business more like a BUSINESS, and Ashley provided the structure I needed with the Bloom course. I am working through the course slowly (probably slower than most) - but it has already paid for itself! My first sale after starting the course was more than 10X my average sale price before starting the course - and I’m not even done with the course yet! ... My first client after implementing the lessons from the course nearly covered the entire cost of the course. And that is just my new beginning! ... It feels amazing to develop my business in a way that fits “me” - something that fuels me and that I am proud of in a way that my business wasn’t doing before.


Bonus Time

Rock your sales and discovery calls with this simple, yet connection oriented sales call script. Learn how you can communicate incredible value through a quick 20-minute conversation. 


VALUE $197

Learn how to setup and scale FB + IG ads that convert with several different strategies (i.e. DM ads, engagement ads, lead generation ads, live event ads, re-targeting ads, etc.)


Value $9977

Learn how I plan community based retreats and profit-oriented retreats! You'll get all of my retreat planning goodies from email sequences, sales page templates, planning documents + more!


Value $9977

Get plug-n-play templates for use in Kartra or for inspiration (including sales page, opt-in page, thank you page & checkout page templates). Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel when it comes to funnels.


VALUE $1777

Design the PERFECT offer that is guaranteed to convert with this spreadsheet, pricing and training series. Learn how to mix and match the perfect set of desired goodies for your clients.


VALUE $997

You get lifetime access to the program and Facebook community. As long as the program is still running you are welcome inside to re-audit and participate after the 12 months of the collective for free.


Value $17,777

($40,982+ IN FREE BONUSES)

VALUE $477

Signed $5,000 in clients since starting the course 3 months ago!

I signed up for Ashley June and her Story and Bloom hoping to improve my business website … But I left with vastly more. I learned how to write specifically for my niche. I learned how to use content to engage web visitors. I was so impressed with her skills and her willingness to share her knowledge. I invested in several of her courses. With her training, I was able to raise $240 for our children’s church and have over $5,000 in sales in only one day and not overwork myself doing it! I appreciate Ashley June and her ministry, her expertise, and her continued encouragement to fellow Christ believers in the business world. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I cannot speak highly enough of her and her courses.


Hear stories straight from my students.


Lifetime LIVE Support!

All Paths include

You will be getting access to live support from me and my team in my private, "paid-students" ONLY, Facebook group. Here, you can ask any question you would like and get custom advice. Listen, my hope is for you to feel constantly supported in our community for years to come, and as long as my coaching communities are active, you get live support!

Setup Facebook Ads Campaign, Email Sequence & Booked Out Client Experience!

So thankful for Ashley’s course! I was wasting time trying to figure out how to market and run my business. Searching the web was taking me on too many rabbit trails with all the “advice” out there. Ashley’s course takes you step by step from the beginning and you can really go through it as fast or as slow and detailed as you would like. It’s not just a “do this” course, it really is a “here is how to”. Additionally, I love that Ashley is just a message or text or phone call away if I have any questions, she really is committed to her students!


Signed 5 Clients, $1K+ Sales & first sale was nearly 6x more!

She taught me how to really sit down and dig deep into who I am, what I want my business to be and how it will serve my clients! She taught me to organize my business properly and build a solid foundation to build upon! She is so organized and has the perfect workflow to keep me on track and get each task done and apply it to my own workflow! Her course taught me how to value myself, my time, and my art! My first sale after converting my business to follow her plan earned nearly 6 times what I would have made before making these changes and I would have never had the confidence to make the changes I NEEDED to make!

Jessica Ashley

Years and Years of Testimonials + Community


$9,000+ CLIENT! Signed 10 Clients & Best Business Decision I Ever Made!

I took a fast paced workshop with Ashley and it became so much easier to organize my time, workflows and tasks. Pricing became super clear. The tools she gives her students are absolutely priceless, it would take me another 20 years in business to figure it out on my own, as I am definitely not a business person myself. I decided to purchase the self paced course, and seriously, it is amazing. I get to have personal sessions with her, feedback and I can do things on my own time. It's been really fantastic and I finally feel like everything is finally more organized and coming together as a business and brand! ❤ SUPER recommended!


Let's talk Money

The Investment...

The awkward money talk & a reminder why sales isn't icky, it's service.

If you've made it this far...I want to ask you a question.

How much time do you have?

What is your time worth? 

Can you spend another year re-inventing the wheel or working a job you hate? 

Do you want to make your business work or not?

How many more years will you *wait* to see your business work out?

Are excuses holding you back?

What about building generational wealth?

Or investing in skills + knowledge that will multiply vs. consumables that lose value?

Truly ask yourself...

All treasure comes at a cost.And we need a little help sometimes.

What do you value?

That $5/day coffee habit?

Those monthly car payments?

The expensive weekend getaway?

1-2 Months of mortgage or rent payments?​

Expensive trips to *corrupt* Disney?

Unused college degrees that got you no where?

So when you are looking back, 20 years from now, what do you feel like will have the most impact on your family? 

We all make purchasing decisions based on our values.

Busy, Homeschool Mom Now Making Consistent $5k Months and Over $30k Last Year! $14k Launch Last Month and Over $45k Total!!!

"It has been almost one year since I first launched my Signature coaching program following Ashley’s advice and teachings. The launch itself was an incredible experience, and having Ashley in my corner helped me to organize all the pieces as I went through the launch so that the next round I would be even more prepared. Which I was! That second round was a piece of cake with all my posts and email sequences already written and ready to schedule out. There was definitely work that came afterward with delivering weekly coaching to my new clients while also finishing actual course materials. And I was SO thankful for the supportive sisters I met inside the Selah collective during this time. We still work together every two weeks to help each other through things, give feedback, and pray for each other. Year to date, I have done two official launches, making $3,494 the first and $5494 from the second. I have also enrolled women in between these launches and in partnership with a couple bootcamps and masterclasses I now cycle through, I made over $30,000 last year and I’m excited to report that now 5K months has become my norm. As a busy, homeschooling mompreneur, I now make more than I made when I was in the workforce with my degree! I’m so thankful for Ashley and this community and highly recommend the Selah Collective to help you get started and launch into your next level."



Normally (20,777)

*Course Only*
(No Group Coaching)



Normally (4,977)


One-time payment or 3-Monthly Payments of $997

Custom Payment plans with Affirm starting at $103/month

5-Phase Self-Study Selah Signature Launch Course
VALUE $7777

Self-Study Peer Support Community
VALUE $977

12-Months of Group Coaching Past Replays

4-Day Launch Facebook Group Funnel Templates
VALUE $2777

Instagram Passive Growth Kit
VALUE $2777

Story & Sales Website Captivator
VALUE $777

Group Coaching Collection




Normally (12,777)

One-time payment or 3-Monthly Payments of $1977

Custom Payment plans with Affirm starting at $200/month

Launch + Scale
Mentoring Group Coaching Collection


Pay-in-Full or Payment Plan Options


5-Phase Selah Signature Launch Course
VALUE $7777

Access to 12-Month Collective (5-7x//Monthly Group Coaching Calls, Etc.)
VALUE $17,777

6 Awesome Bonuses Including Lifetime Support & Group Coaching Calls
​VALUE $40,982

4-Day Facebook Group Launch Funnel Templates
VALUE $2777

4-Month Launch Assist
VALUE $477

Instagram Passive Growth Kit
VALUE $2777

Story & Sales Website Captivator
VALUE $777

6-Months of 1-1 Individual Coaching Via Voxer w/ Ashley
VALUE $8,888

Weekly Funnel Asset Audits
VALUE $3777

5-Phase Selah Signature Launch Course
VALUE $7777

Access to 12-Month Collective (5-7x//Monthly Group Coaching Calls, Etc.)
VALUE $17,777

6 Awesome Bonuses Including Lifetime Support & Group Coaching Calls
​VALUE $40,982

4-Day Facebook Group Funnel Templates
VALUE $2777

4-Month Launch Assist
VALUE $477

Instagram Passive Growth Kit
VALUE $2777

Story & Sales Website Captivator
VALUE $777

She Speaks Radiance Podcast Program
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12-Months of Individual 1-1 Coaching via Voxer w/ Ashley
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Retreat Ticket
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30-Minute Intake + $100k Scalability Call
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(1) 90-Minute Individual Coaching Call w/ Ashley

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12-Months Personal Accountability Coach
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Weekly Funnel Asset Audits
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Post Launch Audits
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The Selah & 7-Figure Scale Signature Program
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Free Access to Select New Programs 
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One-time payment or 3-Monthly Payments of $3277

Custom Payment plans with Affirm starting at 339/month

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3rd Client Almost $4K! Experienced biz owner made 8x more!

I’m a typical DIY’er – thinking that I can teach myself all the things while also doing all the things. However, what was really happening is that all of those important items that were going to help my business grow were task that were just being pushed to the back while the urgent day to day items were dealt with. Through Ashley’s course, I realized that someone walking you through the steps and helping you get out of your own way is the ONLY way to get those ‘someday tasks’ to ‘today tasks’. I was scared to put out content, scared to switch business models and scared to make decisions. Ashley helped me realize that it’s ok to take the risk and created a more confident me to stand by the decisions I was making...I thought I was charging my worth but after my first sale made 3x what I was making before, I knew that my confidence and my business model was not a reflection of my worth. Thank you Ashley for a great class! Thank you for helping me move out of my way and thank you for changing my business so that I can live the life I want!


But, 1-2 Clients &
The Coaching Pays For Itself...

Just ask Jen!

It's Time To Take Back Territory In the Business Battlefield

So Let's Be Real

I have a heart for your growth. What I've observed in my years of running an online business and testing out different offers from different price points, is that the people are really committed to doing the work will substantially take the leap and invest.

The lower ticket programs usually bring in clients that are stuck in the DIY mode, complain because they don't do the work, or waste their investment altogether and give up when guaranteed resistance hits.
I designed The Selah Collective to be different because of this. It's designed to support you in community and hold you accountable, as well as provide regular and actionable resources that keep you growing, dreaming and hopeful.

It's time to disrupt the online industries and start a revolution of Kingdom radiance.



Bianca's Story of Getting $1-2k Clients Organically on Instagram


+ Special application bonus

OR, Payment plan options

= $9,777



Apply today - I need this!

Membership Site - Sneak Peek

​10,000 Other Course-Creator + Coaching Products Out There?


It's a lifetime membership

I have big plans. I love marketing. I love learning and building businesses. You jump on board with me now, and you get access to future online courses and updates depending on what track you choose. You will be grandfathered in as I continue to figure out upcoming sales and marketing challenges that impact the online industry. AND as long as the program is going on you are welcome (i.e. you don't get kicked out and then upsold into staying in).

I don't just tell you HOW, I give you PRACTICAL EXAMPLES & SYSTEMS

You get templates and examples to facilitate creating your very own marketing plan in an easy to understand way. I show you exactly how I break up marketing tasks to facilitate effective booking plans. 

It's an all-inclusive "Business-in-a-Box" With a Biblical Worldview

In my core, I believe that online biz owners fail to set up a proper foundation in almost every area of their business - and that's exactly why they don't enroll clients. Or if they do, they underwhelm them with lack of customer service and disorganization because they have no systems. The Selah Signature Course is an INTENSIVE BUSINESS course which covers each and every aspect of running your business from the planning, to marketing, to big launches and going evergreen - all while staying in biblical alignment and building a business that doesn't feel icky.

There's nothing even close to it on the market

I have put EVERYTHING I know into this course - I have replicated the exact systems and funnels I've used in my online business and reverse engineered them so I could properly educate my students. It has an intentional, consecutive design, so there are NO GAPS, no hidden ways of doing things and it is filled with goldmines of actionable nuggets that will TRANSFORM your business, or help you strategically launch the business of your dreams.

You're being taught by an MBA 

My education has prepared me to be a great business owner and educator. Having a Masters in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Managing for Sustainability), as well as having an undergraduate degree in Business Management - has given me all of the proven results-oriented educational tools and principles that I pass onto you. YUP - take my course and YOU WILL BASICALLY BE GETTING AN MBA EDUCATION!

I'm Ready to Get to My First $100k

Jennifer's Story


FIRST LAUNCH WAS $12k AND 9 CLIENTS!!!! (Now Consistent $5k+ Months)

Ashley’s program was exactly what I needed to move forward in ministry (business). I had not idea how to start a business and much less how to work thru tech stuff to develop a program that I could sell. With Ashley’s guidance I was able to get clarity on my ideal client, create a signature program with an irresistible offer and have a successful first launch that brought in 9 clients and little over 12k. Finding Ashely was finding the mentor that I needed for this season in my life that helped me get the break thru I needed to step into what God has called me to do.

New to Tech and New to Business

Course Outline

Investing in your business, is investing in your family.


The LAUNCH + Sales Process (BLOOM)

It's time to harvest the rewards of your planting - you are READY TO BLOOM! This section will walk you through finalizing your offer for launching, understanding sales concepts, live launching, evergreen funnels and client management.
Learn my step-by-step systems for officially launching your programs and offers into the world with success...

‣ Finalize your offer and pricing, and get it ready to launch.

‣ Choose your launch funnel for your marketing campaign.

‣ Understand the difference between evergreen, live launching and pre-selling.

‣ Dive into the storytelling sales strategy.

‣ Understand the importance of scarcity & urgency during the launch process.

‣ Learn how to overcome client objections in a natural way.

‣ Understand what every sales page needs to convert.

‣ Learn the importance of thank you pages and checkout pages.

‣ Create the sought after launch lead magnet.

‣ Create a detailed launch calendar for your course or program launch.

‣ Dive into the live launch funnel assets.

‣ Get organic or paid traffic to your launch funnel.

‣ Write email sequences that have high conversion rates.

‣ Understand the importance of your pitch day.

‣ Get a pre-built 4-day launch.

‣ Use the live launch checklist to set up your very own launch.

‣ Add extras like Facebook Bots and SMS texting to notify your clients.

‣ Dive into creating a strategic evergreen funnel.

‣ Get acquainted with timers and tech for your funnels.

‣ Understand the scaling process as you continue to grow.

‣ Learn how to manage your clients and maintain boundaries.

‣ Discover how to handle refund and payoff requests.

‣ Decide how to manage early program pay-offs.

‣ Strategically gather testimonials and build your fan base.


A deep dive into the foundational "roots" of who you are, who you want to be and how you can incorporate this into your business to be authentic in everything you do regarding God's calling. This is one of the most important yet "skipped" phases - without firmly planted roots, your business will fail to thrive. 

Discover your idea "seeds" so you can bloom and create the work/life of your dreams...

‣ Reach for your core "Why" and rebalance and focus on your needs so you can thrive.

‣ Understand your spiritual gifts and what God has positioned you for.

‣ Dive into your testimony and discover who God has put on your path to help.

‣ Work on your business plan through a peek into your mission, vision and values.

‣ Conduct a SWOT Analysis by analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

‣ Dream big and set legacy building goals for your business + personal life.

‣ Uncover and create an "I help" statement that is in alignment with your calling + biz purpose.

‣ Master your business mindset and how you should be approaching the growth process.​ 

Business Basics (STEM)

The stem that's required to support your bud - basically the business essentials. All online business owners need to understand how these elements are essential to profitability and managing business resources, as well as have a thorough plan for how they will grow their business and what they will offer.
Make your business LEGIT through setup, forecasting and planning essentials...Remember, MBA here ;)

Branding + MESSAGING (BUD)

‣ Learn what apps, social media accounts, websites and email addresses you need.

‣ Choose a communication hub where you will organically market and become the homebase for your brand online.

‣ Forecast your income in a high-level way by creating your dream work schedule and pricing your programs and offers with sustainability in mind.

‣ Brain dump your signature framework and tap into creating a roadmap for your client.

‣ Prove your concept and course need through interviews and research.

‣ Finalize your signature framework with all the needed elements.

‣ Create a MACRO content outline for your program offering.

‣ Start planning for your offer bonuses and add incredible value.

‣ Learn how to create your offer content.

‣ Discover different offer delivery methods from audio, to slide decks, to video and more!

‣ Understand how to set up membership sites in a way that enhances client success.

‣ Create your detailed MICRO content outline for your program. 

The budding potential that impacts e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g you do. Designing an authentic brand vibe through everything from your colors to your copywriting. Learn how to IMPACT your dream client and design your online business in a way that romances the people in your tribe. 

Take your brand from bud to bloom and create the story your client has been craving...

‣ Narrow in on your brand and focus on what counts.

‣ Learn how to dive into your personal brand story for inspiration.

‣ Define your target client through dissecting their habits and needs. 

‣ Romance your client through storytelling that speaks to their heart.

‣ Create a brand profile persona for your dream client.

‣ Influence your client through powerful, strategic and targeted copywriting.

‣ Understand the power of your brand voice.

‣ Influence your client's perception through the use of strategic brand colors.

‣ Choose impactful typography to enhance your visual brand vibe.

‣ Design purposeful logos that sway and sell.

‣ Build an intentional website that compels your client + calls them to action.

Workflows + Marketing (VITALS/SUN/WATER)

The water and sun that keeps your business blooming. Workflows that give you freedom and sustainable marketing that keeps your business alive and growing. Learn how these vitals are always impacting the health of your business, and what you can do to see it flourish. 
Look at how I organize my online business, how to get organic/paid traffic and dive into my $140K+ marketing launch strategies. 

‣ Learn how to organize your business operations for customer service, high sales and efficiency.

‣ Learn how to create efficient marketing and sales workflows.

‣ Use the strategic marketing mix to reach people who value your services.

‣ Leverage the most powerful online marketing channels and platforms. 

‣ Dive into the difference between nurture marketing and active marketing.

‣ Understand funnels and get a breakdown of the customer buying journey.

‣ Know the importance of proper Call To Actions.

‣ Learn about the content marketing strategy.

‣ Use Instagram stories, reels and feeds to engage with your audience and directly connect with your people.

‣ Use Facebook Ads, Groups + Pages to nurture your audience and convert them into clients.

‣ Understand how to use email marketing to engage and connect with your audience.

‣ Dive into the power of podcasting and blogging.

‣ Understand what your basic funnel assets need to be.

‣ Create freebie website opt-ins and use email marketing to compel clients.

‣ Develop nurture sequences and start building your email list.

‣ Launch your services, products and programs using my proven launch strategy.

‣ Build a launch calendar and plan out your marketing stages. 

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Kit, The Story & Sales Website Captivator, Pre-Built Funnel Assets, Pre-Built Launch, Bonuses, Templates, Various Workbooks AND MORE!



Join the selah collective

SPEcial Application bonus

OR Custom payment options

= $5,777

TOTAL GRoup Coaching VALUE = $102,398

Apply today - I need this!

Q: Can you guarantee I will be successful?
A: My greatest desire and my heart of hearts is for you to kill it in your business. But, I really can't guarantee that you will make it. I wish I could - but, if you trust my processes, follow my systems, and work your butt off - there is NO REASON why you won't be successful. At the end of the day, there is no replacement for hard-work. This is a season of planting so you can BLOOM. This is an intensive course for serious online biz owners looking to start or grow their businesses. It takes courage though - and it takes times. There is no quick fix, but if you're looking to stay in the industry long-term, this will absolutely transform your life.

Q: How long does the self-guided course take?
A: If you are dedicated to the process, the course will take about 2-3 months to complete if you are following the prompts and consecutively dedicated to working through the course. 

Q: What type of course-creator or coach is this course for?
A: Anyone who wants to build and sell an online course or coaching program! This was designed for you. At the end of the day, the core is the same for any type of online business. You don't have to be in a faith-based niche either, but you do have the support of a faith-based community to support you.

Q: I can't afford it - I have other debt and expenses to worry about.
A: Hey, I get it. I am the queen of DIY and being resourceful. But as I got busier in my life, investing in education so I could have quick and strategic results was the best pay (and time!) raise I ever got. This course will pay for itself if you apply the principles correctly with only 1-2 students ideally. The real question is - can you afford NOT to change your business? Literally, if you keep operating like you have been, you will lose way more money in the short term and long term. Remember - high-interest car payments, rent/mortgage payments, $5/day coffee habits - it's where your priorities and values lie. Your clients will want to invest with someone who has invested in themselves. 

Q: Do you offer refunds? 
A: I don't. My stuff is great - I'm teaching you everything I know about business (which is from legit hard-earned experience and a formal Masters in Business Administration education). If you are hitting roadblocks though and feeling lost, I am absolutely here as a resource in that scenario. Please reach out - I am here to serve you and help you get on the right track if you're questioning your investment. 

Please don't invest unless you are serious about your growth. You are also responsible for the whole investment if you choose the payment plan option. I want you to be successful, and you have to be committed in order to achieve the results you desire. It's truly a huge deal that you are invested in the process and understand that this season is for planting.

Q: What if I get behind?
A: My students work at all different paces. If you get behind, no worries. You can re-audit the next round of group coaching as well as future rounds for free, so there really isn't an urgency. I find it best to offer my students extended support, and want them to feel helped when needed, which is why you get invited into every round and always have the signature course at your disposal.

Q: I'm an experienced online business owner - will this coaching/course actually benefit me?
A: YES + YES. You are in a position where something isn't working. I find this to be a foundation and execution issue - this course has the ability to transform your life and set up your business better than you could have imagined. It is more focused on the launching and growing phases vs. multi-streams of income for the scale process. But if what you are doing is not working and you need to hit the 6+ figure mark, this is a program that should help you get there.

Q: I just opened my coaching business - will this course help me know what I need to do?
A: Yup! We have a whole phase dedicated to the foundational aspects. It couldn't get any more simple and strategic, and the fact that you get to start off on such solid footing will jumpstart your business and allow you to grow much quicker. 

Q: I'm too busy right now - is this a good time to take the course?
A: This is actually the perfect time to take the course. Being busy, but not being where you want to be (or making the money you need) is a great motivation for starting. Even if you can't dive into the whole course right away - there are so many actionable, results-oriented pieces that you can apply immediately. 

Q: What's the benefit of the group coaching dynamic in The Selah Collective?
A: I love group coaching - you get to build a network and community of online business owners to grow with throughout the years. You truly get to become a team and support one another in the online industry. Group coaching allows me to do LIVE TRAININGS with our students several times a month, as well as gives you individual access to me on a regular basis for several months while you're implementing new techniques. It's the perfect way to nurture your business growth with a support system. If you can't attend a live training, we record all of the sessions and you will have access to those videos (as well as the course in general). The collective meets every year. 

Q: Is this only for coaches and course creators?
A: No! You might be a consultant who wants to grow your online business as well. More so, the marketing strategy and customer experience is what you will focus on in your own business. That's the beauty of it! Whether you are a coach or course-creator or just wanting to grow an online business, you will find all of these strategies useful for growing your online business. 

Q: Is this only for women? What about married couples? 
A: Yes! I've been praying about this for awhile and I feel called to specifically serve women since our community is very tight knit. Sorry guys!! However, if you are a married couple and have an actively involved wife in the business, then that would be fine!

Q: Do you save replays if I can't make live calls?
A: Yes! We always save the replays for you to watch later if you can't make it that day.

Q: How soon can I start?
A: ASAP! When you register, you will receive immediate access to The Selah Signature Course and coaching communities. You can get started as soon as you want.



This reading by Oswald Chambers has been heavy on my heart...

With that in mind...
"Don’t Think Now, Take The Road"

start now

 And Peter…walked on the water, to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid."
— Matthew 14:29-30

"The wind was actually boisterous, the waves were actually high, but Peter did not see them at first. He did not reckon with them, he simply recognised his Lord and stepped out in recognition of Him, and walked on the water. Then he began to reckon with the actual things, and down he went instantly. Why could not our Lord have enabled him to walk at the bottom of the waves as well as on the top of them? Neither could be done saving by recognition of the Lord Jesus.

We step right out on God over some things, then self-consideration enters in and down we go. If you are recognising your Lord, you have no business with where He engineers your circumstances. The actual things are, but immediately you look at them you are overwhelmed, you cannot recognise Jesus, and the rebuke comes: “Wherefore didst thou doubt?” Let actual circumstances be what they may, keep recognising Jesus, maintain complete reliance on Him.
If you debate for a second when God has spoken, it is all up. Never begin to say — “Well, I wonder if He did speak?” Be reckless immediately, fling it all out on Him. You do not know when His voice will come, but whenever the realisation of God comes in the faintest way imaginable, recklessly abandon. It is only by abandon that you recognise Him. You will only realise His voice more clearly by recklessness.

 It makes you think - right? Whatever your decision is and wherever you feel called, I'm here to support you. You don't have to wait, mull it over and allow the train to pass. If you're called, you can willingly jump on now.

XoXo, Ashley June

‣Lifetime Access, Community + Re-Auditing

‣Pre-Built SALES Funnel Templates


‣The Irresistible Offer Creator


‣Simple Sales Call Script

(VALUE $477)

(VALUE $17,777)

(VALUE $1777)

(VALUE $9977)

(VALUE $997)

(VALUE $9977)

Grab these 6 bonuses when you enroll!

"Ashley has been an amazing resource for my business! I have been in business for several years but she has brought a new level of service, workflow and overall client experience to my brand. Her course has helped me reach more of my ideal clients and has more than doubled my inquiry to booking ratio. I'm excited to see where else my business develops as I continue Ashley's amazing course!"


Filled Her Event ​+ Took a Leap of Faith!

I first started following Ashley in June 2019 and was skeptical of how her programs worked and how it would be any different from what others were offering/promising. I had been burned by a previous business course to the point where it almost ruined my business early 2019. I followed Ashley's tips, tricks, and previous students for a couple months before deciding to buy her Facebook Ads Training Course. Within the first page of instructions I already figured out where I was hitting roadblocks and her training helped to clarify the process for me. I ran a very small ad based off of her tools...At first I was thinking I'll wait until she runs it again because of this, that and the other.... Well the more I thought about it and the more I heard from previous students I kept feeling like I couldn't walk away, I should act now if I want anything to change. So I did it. I took what you could call "a leap of faith" and I said sign me up. While the course is seemingly large when you start, once you get into it and start applying the tools it REALLY works. I have just now finished the course, all training videos and am implementing all of the tools to get started so I haven't had what you call any big or consistent sales yet...It has made some steps of mine a lot easier to manage.