Hey, I am Ashley June!

& I believe you've been called to change the culture with your business.

You see...you have been created to make an impact and bring heaven down to earth as we occupy - that doesn't mean imperialism Like Christians like to distort, but common sense says if more believers are in the business sector...

then they will
have a greater influence
on the culture.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing (John 15:5)


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, have a passion for protecting and purifying the family, could spend everyday surfing in Costa Rica...and helping women build businesses and package their passions makes my heart come alive.

I like to challenge people to have courage and chase their dreams - while fighting the fear and walking in the purpose God gave them.

I'm also a wife, mama + avid adventure lover who is Colorado born and raised. You'll find me chasing my passionate dreams, planning surf trips to Costa Rica, mountain biking or skiing with my hubby and trying to stay organized in the chaos of having 3 little kiddos + a thriving business.

I spent 6 years in my local community as a photographer, and jumped into the online education world in 2018 when I felt the Lord told me to close down my business and hop into the online world. I turned away over 250 potential local clients the next year and multiple $20k months to go into a season of sowing - and then in 2020, it all clicked. Within 6 months of becoming incredibly clear on what I was called to do, my online business exploded and I blew past the 6-figure mark while passionately serving who God called me to serve. Now I'm a multi-6+ figure earner and I've been making an impact and income doing what I LOVE most - helping women breakthrough the fear and build their businesses with courage!

STATEMENT OF FAITH: To clarify I'm not a "universe" gal. I'm a Jesus Christ died on the cross so that he could pay the price for our eternal life kinda lady. I'm tired of seeing people in the business world stay silent out of fear of offending, so here I am with a desire to help entrepreneurs make waves and build businesses that fit the calling they have received. Your ministry doesn't have to be in the church building or in Africa - it can be RIGHT HERE. But if you need a better visual, you can call me a Bethel version of John MacArthur.


Oh sister, story of my life. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I've someone discovered how the perfectly package my passions with some serious profit. Business is fun to me - it's like playing Mario on the Nintendo on a quest to save Princess Pea. You keep trying and trying until you figure out the little hacks, and that's exactly what I want to teach you. It is possible to save YEARS of pain if you make the choice to accept help and implement what you learn while applying it to your unique business.

Have you ever felt like you have these RADICAL ideas, but aren't sure how to implement them?

HOw I can help you

I Believe Your Business Is Your Ministry + Your BATTLEFIELD

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