So you want to build an online business around your God-Given calling and you're not sure where to start. That's okay, check out our programs below.

Wild Strategy for Radiant Women

Online Programs For Coaches + Course Creators

Ready to become a light in your community and build a wedding or portrait biz that gives your family freedom? 

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The *every-day* go to planner for your online coaching + course creator businesses so you can strategically grow your revenue & impact every month and stop staring at your computer screen wondering what you should be working on that day to enroll more clients (includes weekly scripture for your heart + soul).

LEARN HOW TO ORGANIZE + Grow your online business in just 20 minutes a day

1. The Productivity

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The ultimate business starter kit for Jesus loving creative + online biz owners who want to start or grow their businesses next year while building better biz habits, getting the ball rolling on their dreams + specializing in one area of business growth each month {without going through a huge course or program}.

Learn how to start your business and find clarity on exactly what god called you to do

2. Radiant Revolution Business Starter Kit

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The step-by-step launch + automation roadmap for aspiring coaches and course-creators who want to stop trading their time for dollars and build, launch + scale their passions and callings into a PROFITABLE online business without manifesting or falling into the boss babe hustle culture.

Learn to create, launch + Scale + your online course or coaching business

3. The Self-Study Selah
Signature Course

$10k Months

When you have live support you can work through roadblocks must quicker


Community is key

You don't have to build a business when you have a community of believers to sharpen you



Stop trading time for dollars and get the help you need to succeed so you won't burnout


Don't want to do this business thing alone?

I recommend The Selah Collective...

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The ultimate 12-month group coaching experience for faith-filled coaches & course creators who want to build, launch + scale an online business in alignment with god's calling on their life while bringing in $10k+ months for their family and doing what they love instead of feeling like they have to build their business like everyone else and settle for the online marketing rat race (p.S. Includes lifelong besties to laugh, cry, pray, struggle & hope with).

Build, Launch + Scale your online business to $10k Months with a community of believers

The Selah Collective Group Coaching


For the online + creative biz owners who crave freedom, purpose + profit in their business ministry.

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